Zombie Weekend > Any Other Weekend

So this is officially my Zombie Weekend.

Why, you ask?

Well. I saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies yesterday. Spoiler alert: I LOVED IT. Still haven’t read Pride and Prejudice entirely, but it’s forthcoming!! Pinky swear.








So yeah. Zombie Weekend > any other weekend.

Carry on.



why i’m nothing without critique partners

Critique Partners


I am nothing without my critique partners. Yes, they help me shape my manuscripts into better versions of themselves. Yes, they provide invaluable feedback on story beats, character arcs, world-building, dialogue, and all that juicy angst. They recommend songs that fit perfectly with a particular scene. They tell me about awesome books on revising and plotting.

But the most important part of having critique partners? They keep me sane.

I had a video chat with the Iron Keys yesterday. The Iron Keys are two of my wonderful critique partners. We discussed all sorts of creative endeavors, but we also discussed our lives. You know, the stuff that happens away from our computers and tablets and notepads. It was exactly what I needed to unwind. Their personal journeys are far more important to me than their characters’ journeys, even though they both matter. These women are my critique partners, but they’re also my friends. You just can’t beat that feeling of having people who both support and inspire you. Without them, I’d be a pizza-eating hack.

So here’s the thing. If you don’t have a critique partner, I suggest you get on that. Connecting with other writers feeds your soul in a huge way. Trust me. And if you have a critique partner, YAYNESS. You have unlocked an amazing writing achievement!

*high-fives you*

Say it with me, folks: critique partners save lives. Never forget it.

new year + new website!

I have a website! And you’re here!


*hugs you*


To celebrate the New Year, I’m finally launching a site of my own, and I couldn’t be more excited. You can expect lots of writing stuff, book + publishing stuff, geek stuff,  travel stuff, food stuff, and the occasional music stuff.


So get comfy. Take a look around. Have some serious fun.


just pretend i live here. because pretty.