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Three Things I’m Stoked About This Summer

So. Summer has officially started for me. *flails*

There are three things I’m terribly excited about. They are the following:

A. Writing! 

I’ve put my current WIP on hold for the past month (!!!) because work work work, but now? I’m happy to get back into the thick of it and write/edit until I finish this first draft! Yes, I’m editing the first draft while I go. I’m actually quite thrilled about doing so. *checks for fever* I’m also super excited about a WIP I’ll be revisiting for an amazing opportunity I get to take part in later this year.

So that makes 1 summer + 2 WIPs = 1 happy me.

B. Relaxing!

Yep. I’m going to work extra hard at getting a first draft done before the summer ends, getting a few chapters done on another project, but I’ll also be cooling things down a bit. This includes spending time with family and friends, reading lots of books, catching up on Supernatural Season 11, finishing my re-watch of Once Upon A Time, and a (tourist-y) wish come true in July. This pleases me immensely.




Y’all. If you’re attending ALAAC16 (or: American Library Association Annual Conference 2016), you can get your lucky little hands on this gem! My awesome friend and critique partner Karuna Riazi’s The Gauntlet is featured in this first look from her publisher, Salaam Reads. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY JOY. EVERYONE WILL GET TO READ HER MAGICAL WORDS AND PASS OUT FROM ALL THE AWESOMENESS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. *dances until feet are raw* There’s also a sneak peek at Hena Khan’s Amina’s Voice, which I’m all sorts of desperate to devour, tbh. D-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e.

Go get your copy, lovelies. You must.

My summer is looking good, if I may say so. Now I’m off to enjoy it.

Happy weekend!

On Recharging With A #FangirlTrip

So. I love things.

I love them so much that sometimes I throw myself headfirst into loving them.

Some of the things I love are TV shows. And fan conventions of said TV shows.

Which is why I went to a fan convention for one of my favorite TV shows, ONCE UPON A TIME, this past weekend.

I met a bunch of the show’s actors, including the Evil Queen herself, the amazing Lana Parrilla.

Scan 1
we’re totally BFFs.


I squeed whenever I caught a glimpse of the awesome signs outside the theatre.



I laughed and cheered and felt inspired during the Q&A panels.

I got to hang out with great people who love the same thing I do.

Oh, and I also ate a lot of Olive Garden food. A lot.


chocolate caramel lasagna. i repeat, chocolate caramel lasagna.


This was supposed to be a great weekend as a geek, but it actually ended up being a great weekend as a geek and writer. The whole experience inspired me to keep working on my WIPs, to keep dreaming and hoping. And, most importantly, to live. That can sometimes get hard to do. Thankfully, I’ve totally recharged after this wonderful weekend. Now I’m going back to the daily grind (day job) while also fighting for my happiness and my art.

And yes, there are more #FangirlTrips in the near future, so more recharging is on the way! 😀

On Peeta Mellark & Good Boys In Y.A.

Back in 2010, I wrote many blog posts. One of them was an open letter to good boys in Y.A. I remembered that post after buying and re-watching Mockingjay Pt. 2 , which features this dude:


peeta mellark, good guy extraordinaire


I think Peeta Mellark is the epitome of a good guy. He’s kindhearted, loyal, and self-sacrificing. He’s in love with a girl who doesn’t know what she feels for him. Sometimes she pretends to like him because cameras are watching. Even though Peeta isn’t pleased with this, he doesn’t disrespect Katniss at all. He calls her out on what she’s doing, but he never treats her like he’s superior to her. Like he’s the one who should be rescuing her and dictating how their relationship should develop, both on and off-screen.

Peeta is a caretaker. He nurtures. He creates when everyone else destroys. He offers hope in a hopeless world.

There are lots of good, hopeful boys in Y.A. that make my heart sing with their goodness.

I’m always on the lookout for more.

Bring on those good boys, Y.A. authors. I’m ready to get to know (and learn from) them.


Zombie Weekend > Any Other Weekend

So this is officially my Zombie Weekend.

Why, you ask?

Well. I saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies yesterday. Spoiler alert: I LOVED IT. Still haven’t read Pride and Prejudice entirely, but it’s forthcoming!! Pinky swear.








So yeah. Zombie Weekend > any other weekend.

Carry on.