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Three Things I’m Stoked About This Summer

So. Summer has officially started for me. *flails* There are three things I’m terribly excited about. They are the following: A. Writing!¬† I’ve put my current WIP on hold for the past month (!!!) because work work work, but now? I’m happy to get back into the thick of it and write/edit until I finish […]

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critique partner + book deal announcement = *FLAILS*

So this was announced¬†a few days ago:     THAT’S RIGHT. One of the Iron Keys has a book deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My critique partner, Kaye (code name: Karuna Riazi), is going to be published. PUBLISHED. HER BOOK IS GOING TO BE A REAL BOOK AND YOU GET TO READ HER BRILLIANCE NEXT YEAR.   I […]

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why i’m nothing without critique partners

  I am nothing without my critique partners. Yes, they help me shape my manuscripts into better versions of themselves. Yes, they provide invaluable feedback on story beats, character arcs, world-building, dialogue, and all that juicy angst. They recommend songs that fit perfectly with a particular scene. They tell me about awesome books on revising […]

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